Too Late

In a hi-speed hi-tech world, it's easy to be fooled into thinking the window of opportunity has already passed, that it's too late to... Buy the stock Start the project Change direction Take the trip Invest the money The marketplace … [Read more]


Yours. Theirs. Yours come from within. Theirs come from without. To succeed, being fluent in both is essential. Knowing when to draw the line, when to bend, and how to articulate why you stand for what you do also comes in … [Read more]

Vernal Pools

Awareness is growing for the important role vernal pools play in our ecosystem. Home to and breeding ground for creatures such as spotted salamanders, wood frogs, and fairy shrimp, these often overlooked and misunderstood patches of standing water … [Read more]

Compared to What

In a highlight reel world, carried in our pockets 24/7 no less, it’s too easy any more to trick ourselves into believing everyone else is richer, thinner, smarter, happier, better than we are. Comparing becomes its own sport, knocking out far too … [Read more]

Word of Mouth

As a small business owner, I make a point of checking in with myself every few months to assess what's working to grow my business and what's not. With the lion's share of attention these days around how to market goods and services going to pull … [Read more]

Until It’s Not

My daughter and I were sitting on the front porch yesterday, enjoying the sun and visiting with each other. Just home from her freshman year in college, she’s brimming with excitement for the summer ahead and having time off from her studies to work … [Read more]

Could You Be Addicted to Starting?

I have a confession to make: I'm a start addict. I LOVE to start new things. Always have since I can remember. My computer's hard drive is loaded with all manner of projects I've started. The notebooks I've been keeping since I was 10 are … [Read more]

“Time to Bring in the Professionals”

Home Depot has done a magnificent job of branding itself around the do-it-yourself (DIY) culture. The ads they pay a lot of money to run during major league sporting events emphasize this side of their brand with a quick and powerful punch … [Read more]

You’ve Got a Business to Run

You’ve got a business to run...and the content you create or curate is the fuel that keeps the engine humming and the lights on. It’s what will allow you to go the distance, to see the sights, to make the ride a trip of a lifetime. Without … [Read more]