When expectations are high for your latest project, what hurts so much is not the loss if things don’t go as everyone imagined they would. All things being equal in terms of preparation, practice, and getting to the meeting on time, what hurts the most when your side isn’t picked your contract isn’t chosen your team loses … [Read More...]

this is the year

This Is the Year

Complete the following sentence: This is the year ________________________. What? What will you declare about: Yourself? Your work? Your … [Read More...]

shaking hands

Shaking Hands

At the conclusion of an athletic event, it is customary for the opposing teams to meet each other on the field of battle and shake hands. This gesture of manners … [Read More...]


every decision

Every Decision

When I was growing up, my family spent our summers living in a tent on a piece of lakeshore property my parents owned. … [Read More...]


go to grow

Go to Grow

If you stretch a rubber band long enough, it will eventually snap, at which point it’s no longer of use as it was … [Read More...]